Friday, August 21, 2009

Creative placecards

Want to do something different for place-cards? Try a table all aglow. At one of my girl friend's wedding a couple of weeks ago at the Ballroom at the Ben , I walked into the cocktail hour to a round table full of beautiful candles (non-scented*) with guest's names typed on a piece a paper and wrapped around the candle with an elegantly knotted black bow. It was simply fabulous! (Note, image attached is not from her wedding).
Want some more - for an added touch, garnish the table with rose petals, or center the candles around a simple arrangement. Just be safe and make sure all is arranged to avoid a fire hazzard.

*Savings Alert* Without confirmation from my friend, I am assuming these "place cards" are less costly than professionally manufactured ones, or ones done by a calligrapher. Though spending money on the candles, and ribbon, these items can easily be found at dollar stores or wholesale party stores). However, using one of the many artsy computer programs offered to create names and table numbers, will definitely save you dollars.

*NOTE - Scented candles would not work in a situation like this (unless you are having a very small and intimate wedding). Be considerate of your guests, as some may be sensitive to smells.

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