Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Let the planning begin!

So I have forever waited for the day to plan my wedding. I have been planning parties since I was a wee one (see: planning a pizza party in nursery school and having four year olds show up to my door, parents not informed). In high school, I spent my weekends slaving away making centerpieces and favors, because I had more fun doing that than getting wasted in some loser's basement (or was I the loser? Probably).

That being said, in the past few years with an overwhelming amount of friends getting hitched, I have been more than ready to lend my services: producing themed events, creating centerpieces, accompanying brides on site visits, menu selection, band, caterer and florist recommendations, you name it.

Two weekends ago, I had the most amazing man, who I fell in love with one year ago, get down on his knee and ask me to marry him. It was the most amazing moment of my life, and I have had constant butterflies since, while walking on Cloud 9. Planning our wedding is going to be the most fun, exciting, special, crazy, stressful, emotional time and I cannot wait to start (I mean, I started last year when I met him, duh).

I will be planning this extravaganza from start to finish, and writing daily about my experiences! Please post your questions, stories, tips and tricks-let's talk wedding, chicas!

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