Friday, July 10, 2009

Don't be afraid to ask

It doesn't matter if it's a long lost friend or a complete stranger, if you want to know something about a wedding, you have to ask.

A childhood friend of mine got married almost two years ago at the synagogue I grew up in, and also one of the places I am considering the wedding. I remember the room being vast and on the older side, and my recent visit to the location confirmed my memory. However, the room had potential. I needed to do some research.

As I looked through my facebook friends to see if any happened to have a wedding at this synagogue, or had been to one, I came across an old friend who was married there two years ago. Strange as it may have been, I immediately sent her a message.

Not only was I met with an almost immediate answer, but one with such enthusiasm! *(First lesson I have learned as a new bride to bee: past brides love to share their wedding stories, information and vendors. This is a GREAT tool! In the past two weeks, I have learned of a new photographer, florist and band). Not only did Friend tell me her wedding was absolutely amazing, mainly due to her florist, Petal Pushers, who completely re-vamped the older room, but she offered me to visit her apartment and watch her wedding video! Talk about hospitable.

Of course I took her up on the offer, and stopped by her apartment last night for a viewing. She was right, the room looked amazing. I now have a visual aspect as to what can be done with space, and ideas of what I would want, not want; what I could change and leave the same.

I would like to personally thank said Friend for her kindness and excitement; and eagerness to share her resources. Lesson learned: it never hurts to ask!

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